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About the Conference


It’s been a year of flux that has challenged us all and as artists and visionaries of the future we have been set to the task to re evaluate and rethink the way our ideas are communicated and expressed.

Future ReImagined, Architecture in Perspective, is the 2021 ASAI International Virtual Conference about the future of Architectural visualization and design. We invite you to join us on a journey of imagination, storytelling, artistry and technology where traditional and digital media collide to craft an authentic language that can allow us to re-Imagine our future.

Join us to learn insights on how to shape your own voice, create impactful stories, re think visualization as a creative tool, design virtual worlds and the relevance of seduction and uncertainty in the age of photorealism.


Jose Uribe -IMG_6483_b&w -CROP
Jose Uribe, 2021 ASAI President - PUREBLINK

Conference Schedule


Dennis Allain


“Architecture, Storytelling + Medium “

Shaping an authentic language in the industry
(“The Elephant in the Room”)

“Urban Data Science – The Practice of Fluid Digital Design”

Jianfei Chu​


“Play, Design, Build”

“Visualization in an age of sensory deprivation”

“Storytelling in Architectural Visualization”

“The Sound of an Image”

Tamás Fischer


“Storytelling in Architectural Visualization”

Cesar Fragachan


“Play, Design, Build”

“What We Learn When We Close 3ds Max”

“Architecture and light”

“Design Methodologies: Experiments in Visualization”

Paul Nicholls


“This is not Architecture”

“Enter the Metaverse”

Thomas Schaller

Architect of light

“Visions of the Unknown”

“Breeze the space with imagination in 3D”

Jose Uribe


“Not the story I want to tell”

“Architecting the Metaverse”

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