Csaba Bánáti

Shaping an authentic language in the industry
(“The Elephant in the Room”)

Working as an architectural illustrator is a beautiful but challenging profession. Its technicality and glamorous artistic side is often hard to reconcile especially when a client is part of the equation. Finding your own artistic voice is a long term solution for building an environment for yourself where you can work truly creatively. To achieve such goals we need to take an honest look at some of the common pitfalls and potential solutions.

Csaba Bánáti is a Hungarian born illustrator who currently works in Vienna, Austria as a freelancer mostly in the field of architectural illustrations. 

After graduating as an architect he instantly changed to 3d and started his career at ZOA Studio (Hungary). From there he switched to Brick Visual (Hungary) then spent more than 5 years at MIR (Norway) learning the craft.

In between commissioned works he likes to explore and learn new ways of immersive communication through visual media.