Mariana Cabugueira

"Urban Data Science - The Practice of Fluid Digital Design"

MARIANA CABUGUEIRA is an Architect and Urban designer from Portugal, recently working as a Senior Architectural Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects; teaching at the Architectural Association in London and doing Live workshops and webinars with students from all around the World.

Graduated from the School of Architecture in Lisbon and the Politecnico di Milano, she moved to London to explore design and technology trough the Postgraduate course: Design Research Laboratory (DRL) at the Architectural Association School (AA). Her research interests gravitate around Parametric Design; Generative Design; Digital Design and the evolution of Architecture through the use of technological means, such as Robotic Fabrication. Her final project proposes a cluster of towers, radically different but biologically similar, in the centre of London.

Mariana joined Zaha Hadid Architects after graduating from the AA School in 2017. She is part of the Competition cluster ever since, responsible for the High-End Design Projects of the Office. She was part of the Design Team of winning projects such us: Navi Mumbai Airport; Western Sydney Airport; Exhibition Centre Beijing; and most recently the Tower C in Shenzhen.