Pico Velasquez


"Architecting the Metaverse"

The Metaverse has already started. It’s no longer science fiction, large corporations like Epic Games, Facebook, NVIDIA, and Roblox are heavily investing in its future. It may be considered the next version of the internet, but in reality, it’s the next version of our lives. From virtual cities and worlds to self-sovereign avatars and virtual identities, we will discuss the layer and affordances of designing for the Metaverse as well as how it will impact our culture, education, supply system, and other aspects of our economy and daily lives.

Pico Velásquez is a computational architect, multimedia director and Metaverse visionary. Founder and CEO of PIICO, an architecture and virtual production company that uses immersive, interactive, and gamified experiences to connect art, education, and social/ environmental impact projects with larger audiences.

As a world-class Director/ Creative Director, Pico has worked on mega projects like the canopy geometry for Google’s new HQ at BIG, the multimedia memorial Elysium for Cirque du Soleil founder, Seminole Hard Rock Casino Oculus with Rockwell Group, and the environmentalist multiplayer video game Superforest.