Tamás Fischer

“Storytelling in Architectural Visualization”

Storytelling in architectural visualisation can be approached in multiple ways. "Telling a story" means to send a strong message to the public, through an image, a video, words or music. To illustrate a building, an architecture that, in many cases doesn't exist yet is more about picturing a moment and share an emotion that is strictly connected to that particular space, form and environment. Storytelling in architectural visualisation is about imagination and stiring up emotions, an instinctive attempt to represent how we could live a building. Inspiration should come from everywhere and mastering the digital tools we have nowadays is the greatest help. Photorealism is attractive and technically astonishing but what really brings the viewer inside the architecture is the interpretation of a space through a personal point of view and atmosphere. Your point of view is also your unique, recognisible illustration style.

After graduating with a master degree in architecture and studying photography, respectively in Milan and Budapest, Carlotta and Tamàs moved to Paris to work as  concept developers and 3D artists for several architecture studios. In love with architecture and passionate about spaces, forms and materials they were searching for the right way to express this passion and in 2013 they co-founded arch-viz studio Virginlemon, an award-winning architectural visualization studio. Virginlemon works now worldwide with leading architecture firms while also developing personal works, trying to create scenarios beyond those that replicate reality.

Tamás Fischer CG Artist & Co-founder, 

Tamás graduated with a degree in architecture from Budapest, then moved to Paris to work as a concept developer and 3D artist for architecture studios. In 2013, he founded arch-viz studio, Virginlemon, with Carlotta Cominetti. Tamás makes each project a new challenge with a fresh technical or artistic approach, and he’s passionate about recreating real-world atmospheres.