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January 1 to December 31 of each year.

Tips for changing your featured image which shows up in search .

  1. Under Member Only Content menu click “Update/View your gallery page”
  2. Click Edit Profile
  3. Click Media tab
  4. Scroll down to Media Gallery (with all of the artist’s uploaded images)
  5. Click on the one you desire to be the Featured Image
  6. The image will open and, when you mouse over the image, a menu will appear below
  7. Click on the word Options (on the lower right side of the image window)
  8. Select the box that will open that reads Set as Featured
  9. Click somewhere outside the image to return to the Media Gallery thumbnails
  10. Click the box Save Changes
  11. After the site refreshes close out of the site and go back to it.
  12. Click on Find An Illustrator
  13. Under “Filter By:” choose Recent
  14. When the page refreshes the artist’s profile should be near the top
  15. That should allow one to see the profile as a visitor would see it

The search function will search for any terms within text. For instance, locations, media, name, firm, etc. The more complete your profile and gallery are the more you will show up in search.

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