Architecture in Perspective Designated Entry


Designated entries can be purchased by members who entered the AIP competition. Purchasing a Designated Entry, will ensure that you will be published in the Architecture in Perspective catalog under the “Designated Entry” section of the catalog. In addition, you will be mailed (2) catalogs once they become available in November. The image size for this section varies at approximately 2.5″ high. The width dimension will¬† follow aspect ratio of image.


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  • Tell us what media or programs you used to created your image.
  • Please provide the width x height using cm or px.
  • Max. file size: 2 GB.
    Print resolution images. First, we'll need a high-resolution image that's fit for print. For landscape and square images, that's at least 2100 pixels wide. And for portrait images, that's at least 2700 pixels tall. (Bigger is better in this case.)
  • You only need to add a quantity of (1) into your cart. The order will be fulfilled with 2 catalogs. Catalogs will be shipped in November.

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